Music: Destiny Marshall – Stay Safe (Coronavirus)

The world is currently in a bad shape, everyone is scared, business and companies has shut down, daily life it self is on lock down. Destiny Marshall uses this inspirational song to educate listeners about the importance of obeying orders and staying home to be safe, thereby educating them through following proper measures to counter the Covid-19 pandemic.



Song Lyrics:


One world

One struggle

One race

We fight to save our race

So dear God, hear us pray

Together let’s heal the earth



Stay safe×2

Corona virus is real Stay Safe

 (stay home) x 2





Year 2020

Same year we prayed to get rich

but it wasn’t so we got threatened with world war three

Iran and USA

the world was at stake

but when we thought we escaped

the dragon left its cage



We don’t know what’s going on

feels like hell broke loss

everyday is death news

Every ones on dead queue

i know you scared too

but everyone is like you

So stay safe brothers, cause i don’t want to lost you.



Began in one country now in all streets

from Kobe to Covid – 9

victims all sick

old ones are dying

and the young ones are the next, shiii.

all we got do is wash our hands, sanitize it.



It all starts with one sneeze and then it escalates

you have difficulty breathing and then you grasp for air

Before you step outside

remember it’s China made

so you might not last too long

Before it’s news, you late



Egungun be careful

but na the world dey the express

Everyone at stake so bet carefully at your expense

No cause for alarm even when the world dey shine red

We go survive, this not a dead sentence





Maybe our sins brought this upon us

maybe our leaders are so corrupt

maybe mother nature is tired of us

maybe i cause this or not

Or maybe it’s a way to pause world war three and bring it to stop



Maybe a Jonah is among us

Maybe convid-19 is a grace to us

Maybe China did this or not

maybe the world leaders are using this to accrued more from us

But maybe I’m right or wrong

but maybe not




Because The world is on lock down

factories has shut down

tissue paper sold out

everything don change now


printing bills to combat

COVID but nothing backs it up

And after all this is over

economy will break down


Repeat Chorus and hook

The end

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