Tom Lash Bio

Starting off his career in 2011, Tom Lash (Tomiwa Lase Kilo) has undoubtedly come a long way. Not many would have expected the graduate of the Oil & Gas discipline, with a second class upper division degree, to shelve the lucrative Oil & Gas sector for music. But he did.
The journey wasn’t to be without hitch, however. As an independent hip hop/rap artist with lesser resources at his disposal, he was exposed to a limited audience. Consequently, after several setbacks, after several rejections by record labels, he pulled out to reevaluate his stance. It was a time of hard grinding and decisive planning. 
Following a lengthy lull on the sidelines, he has returned, re-energized by a seasoned team, to propel his music and brand. The upshot of this endeavour is the masterpiece created in Moremi. 

Behold, Tom Lasih is given to the world.Welcome!

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