Willy Busy Lad – I Jah Power Stronger

Here the Rasta Lad burn babylon to ras, this song is a typical example of a reality music, Just like JAH Lion one of his tone some year back on that tone he told babylons to leave him alone because he has been on a spiritual attack and menipulation for some years now. This time he called upon JAH to judge them, expose them also let us know that JAH Power is stronger than them.This is the reason why he said on the chorus : Willy Busy Lad back a’yard Inn this a’time me give you dance hall vibe sit back relax feel ire, I! Man a’man from creation babylons them wan bring me down, man and woman send the bird cry me chant them bring them down I! Power Stronger than them.A slow and steady dance hall vibe. Cool and deadly. Seen!!!


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