Destiny Marshall -Na Dem Dey Rush Us

Destiny Marshall an aspiring producer/Singer/Rapper/also a song writer blessed with the unique voice of gold,is a delta born enthusiastic musician based in the beautiful city of lagos with full focus on his goals and dreams to use his music/lyrics to influence fans positively.
Destiny Marshall always drop a song on every of his birthdays, after his last year song titled “voices” He is here with the Trending slang that most Nigeria youths have been using to prove a point that everyone wants them-this song throws a deep insight to explain what wasn’t explained and a life the young artiste lived before depending on none.
These are the lyrics of the song to get acquainted with each lines,enjoy.
As e dey go, middle fingers for my enemies
even those girls way back then, no send me
but when they saw me spending cryptocurrencies
Na them dey rush us.×2
40 btc(na them dey rush us) 
60 btc (na them dey rush us) 
fresh boy /dress Clean
na dem dey rush us
verse one
first of all man, me am a fresh boy. 
underground like gold,
they go still mine us
won fe ko wa je
dey wan dey chop us
because we ball steady 
they want dey mark us. 
see them see them. 
whey dem whey dem
why all this girls lining up make i see them
why dey showing up their logos like system 
They said I’m Santa 
 she said that I’m gifted. 
{they asked me how i made it though
tell me whats yah secret bro
how you so fly , 
how come you getting all this doe
and dope like crack addicts} 
she said that she want to know
and my friends who left me they wanna know. 
(Yah wan know what me told them) 
I told them. 
verse 2
I’m a whale to the game you all are fishes 
used to be wack, but now I’m deeper than the blue sea
this ladies now days walahi want to see me
like antichrist
they come in three four five 66//
the hustle wasn’t easy 
my men them, they left me
 gf caught cheating 
she said i can’t be bullish
stranded in the day
cause the night,men i cant sleep. 
when i saw wizzy on the tv
i imagine me, being he. 
what i have left was my music plus my CD 
my dreams and my goals, Fl on my pc
I walk cause no Tp, free shows,begs and pleading
working like the bees,for the honey 
now i bill queens. 
chorus till fade

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