Willy Busy Lad -Three Little Birds (Bob-Marley Cover).

The Portharcourt Base Artist believes that the world has been so many crises, the happenings in West Africa, Nigeria, Syria, and Libya and many others.

He also believes that when leaders fail to lead well and create crises at will for fun, it makes no sense.

The RASTA Lad in his previously released vibe titled Soon Be Done Counseling the brokenhearted, He called upon The AAlmighty JAH to reward the wicked and save His People from danger.

In Willy BusyLad Words:

Brethren And Sistren I N I hiffi bring bback a’yard old time prophecy.

Bob Marly Three Little Bird (Cover).

This Reggae tune is definitely a hit you can easily relate to, as it drives you to another level of  Music.


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