How to Hit Stardom in The Entertainment Industry

I believe we all have a commitment to open the doors for talented, motivated young people. But they need to do their homework.

The entertainment business is growing every day and is also impacting society’s views on different aspects of life that is the wealthy, and magnifies celebrities’ lives.

Which I believe is one amongst the reason why lots of youths are leaving their existing skill or place of work to locate the entertainment industry where him or she can find comfort and as well make coinage. But this is the bitter truth about the entertainment industry which I know and a lot of youth out there do not know. The entertainment industry is very big enough to contain anyone and everyone who has interest in it and for anyone to get to the peak, he or she has to be grounded enough and make the necessary sacrifice to hit the peak.


At the Film College, one amongst my Lecturers by the name Joe Dudun once said to us “The labour market you’re about to enter is a different world on its own, is different from what you all are seeing here. Those of you, who are not doing well here, will go out there and make a sounding name, while some of you who are creative will end up working for the big existing multimedia companies out there. But only few will be able to create a platform where those youth who don’t have a choice will run to for mentorship, management and training. This few people will be part of the King Pin of the industry”.

The King pin are the multimedia companies that will hire the talent, the managers that will manage the talent, the financial institutions that invest on the talent, the individual promoters that will present the talent to his or her audience, the Radio and TV  Personalities that  will transport up the talent to wider audience. This is to say that getting to Stardom is not as easy as we imagine it to be, because there are millions of talent like you who is on a goal just as you.

So if you want stardom, I will share with you the few practical qualities and strides you need to get there. These steps are gathered from my years of experience while working as a Radio and TV Personality and Digital Content Producer for CANTV, CMTV, ODINIGBOTV, NOLLYWOODTV, AFRICAN MOVIES, OMC NIGERIA AND 94.1 WAZOBIA FM PORTHARCOURT.  All these names mentioned above, are the big players in the today entertainment industry.

ENTERTAINMENT OUT FITS ARE looking for young talents with entrepreneurial spirit: – someone who has proven that they can take their creativity to the next level as if no one is supporting or managing them. Someone that can get things done.

They also look for a talent with positive attitude and humility.  Let me say this, many amongst the today talent I see around my streets, my home, at work, functions are talents with arrogance, superciliousness, bad etiquettes and lack of proficient language.

These qualities are what make talent a good colleague, co-worker, associate as well as good team and good talent to his manager or management. No multimedia outfit wants to hire or manage a pride, self-importance, conceit, snobbery and arrogance talent.




[1] Follow your dreams:-

This may be a shop worn expression, but this advice is as effective today for how to succeed in business as it were a hundred years ago, and it has certainly proven true for me and others like Godfrey Ohabunwo [GMD Multimesh Broadcasting Company], Robert T. Kiyosaki and Jim Rohn but with necessity in mind. You always hear celebrities saying “follow your dreams” or “never give up for what you’re passionate about,” but the truth behind these expression comes with hard work, long hours, and failures along the way.  If you are really passionate about something, whether it is business, film, music, modelling or fashion, you would go through all the discomfort and failures, and continue to work hard for what you believe in, irrespective of the situation.  Imagine if the thespians you see in movies and television gave up auditioning.  They would not be where they are today.  For example, African actor for gladiator Djimon Hounsou who dropped out of school and homeless for a while until he accidentally met with a photographer who introduced him to famed designer Thiery Mugler. Mugler helped him mould a career in modelling and launched his professional career. Before he started acting, and with few films he made, millions started locating his bank account.  Whatever you resolve to do in life, make sure you full heartedly enjoy it.  When your passion slides, you are not likely to have your dream attained.

[2] Create a means of steady incomes: – There are lots of talents, who do not have other means of making money, when they have an event to perform; they talk to friends to raise money to attend that function. For how long will that talent do that? They don’t have money to pay a promoter to get his or her content to his or her audience. When is time to do that studio shoot and make a graphic for that song cover or fashion show cover or film graphic for release, he or she will beg fans to raise him money or she or him falls back to his or her parents. Please I will advise, you have other means of income so as to foot the bills when need arises as well. Even if it’s working twice a week so as to survive and keep following your dream.



[3] Network in your field and outside your field: – Networking and connecting is vital in any field. You always need connections to help lead the way to your career. Frequently, we forget to realize that our friends are most likely not going to be the persons who help us find a job.  You have to take risks and go beyond your sphere of friends to get to where you want to be. In the entertainment industry, you get your foot in the door by connecting with an actor, manager, producer, or director to get your first performance in films, music, etc.  For example, an African actor from Nigeria who’s name is Chiwetelu Ejiofor, is the fastest raising Hollywood actor. Who has to acquire UK Citizenship to be able to join the bigger race…  In designing, you must hold up and learn the chains in order to be successful in the entertainment industry.

You always need connections to help lead the way to your career.


[4] Believe in your dream and don’t give up: –

An idea can only go places if it is fulfilled, outshine failure, and have a stratagem. What will ever keep you going as a business person is the belief in your big dreams, by making it your light and guide. Like my friend Lea Atienza [CPA Candidate] and my Film college lecturer Joe Njike will jokingly say, Can you imagine a world without Disney?  Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor, because the editor feels he lacks ideas the company needs.  Disney also went bankrupt several times before he built Disneyland.  More accumulation is one of history’s greatest thinkers, Albert Einstein, who was described as “mentally slow, unfriendly and aimless forever in his irrational dreams.” Einstein was also rejected for his Ph.D. thesis. But because Einstein, Disney and our own Brother, Son and friend Jeta Amata believed in their dreams and did not give up, they got stardom in their identifiable fields.


ACCORDING TO THE TIDE NEWS PAPER the entertainment industry in Nigeria has come a long way with remarkable achievements since the beginning of the present administration in the country. According to a recent report, the Nigerian media and entertainment industry is currently estimated at $4 billion and still growing and by financial Nigeria 

Nigeria’s entertainment and media market grew by 19.3% in 2014 to reach US$4 billion. By 2019, the market will be more than twice as big, with an estimated total revenue of US$8.1 billion. As in South Africa, the Internet will be the key driver of growth for Nigeria. Television, comprising revenue from TV advertising and subscriptions, is the other main driver.


To me this is interesting and beautiful because is a prophecy of more money to my bank account when that time comes. I won’t wait for that time to come, rather i will be working hard to have enough content that will take and show me the next phase of my life as a media practitioner and entrepreneur.

About The Author

Chukwuemeka O. Samuel, popularly known as SAMCHUKS EMEKA, is a Nigerian On Air Personality for CANTV, ODENIGBOTV, 94.1 WAZOBIA FM PORTHARCOURT, Content Producer for NollywoodTV, African Movies Channel, talk show host, international indigenous content producer, ambassador (Choice Magazine and OdenigboTV). Samchuks Emeka is also a cinematographer, a visual director and entrepreneur.

CEO of Spacklite International Company.

He is the host of Love That Matters with Samchuks Emeka.

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