Akinlolu – Homie For Life

Ainloluwa Godswill, who goes by the stage name Akinlolu aka BRAVE, has come back here with a smash hit
titled “Homie For Life” a gospel rap song mixed by Timbun.
“Homie for life” is a rap rendition about the mistake youth and young adults in our society make; despiratly
trying to fix up their lives by all cost not very much concerned about the aftermath.
i love the part where he said these words:

“…All these young boys wanna make it quick
cunning some whites and they flex around
indulging in stuffs that could boomerang…”

In the rap song “Homie for life” it was carefully depicted that there is just one way in which one can fix ones
life without regrets at the long run. Resulting to a life that goes from glory to glory.

Infact, This dope track should be nominated for the rap song of the year award. from the lyrics to rhymes, well
constructed bars and still passing a self explanatry message all in the same song. You might want to listen to
this because it will definetely make your day.

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