Floyd MayWeather Unveilsw Massive Portrait of Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather took to twitter and instagram today to unveil an enormous 8ft portrait of himself, as well as another of UFC champion Conor McGregor, both of which were made from broken glass.

The two portraits, which are currently hanging in his $32 million Beverly Hills mansion, were created by Tiffanie Anderson aka @Theprettyartist. Despite the endless trash talk that preceded the Mayweather vs McGregor bout last month, both fighters have had nothing but positive things to say about one another in the month since.

Floyd’s latest gesture commemorates the fight that helped him retire with an extra nine figures in his bank account. It’s unknown how much the 50-0 boxing legend paid to have his and Conor’s larger than life likeness’ created out of broken glass, but we all know he’s got plenty of disposable income.

Floyd recently told TMZ that he still has not cashed the check he received from the Pacquaio fight, a reported $300 million, or the one he took home from his fight against McGregor, which will also reportedly be in the nine-figure range.

Take a look at the epic artwork below.


According to reports, Money Mayweather’s brand new Beverly Hills mansion, aka “Beverly Hills Palace,” features 10 bathrooms, six bedrooms, an enormous wine cellar, mirrored wall fireplaces, a swimming pool, pool house and a separate guest house with its own gym. Not to mention, the massive private movie theater which seats 50 and comes complete with a state of the art snack bar.

Despite having such an epic pad to spend time at, Floyd has been spotted out quite frequently since his TKO victory over Conor McGregor last month. TMZ recently photographed the 50-0 boxing legend coming out of Luxury Exchange in Beverly Hills with approximately $250,000 worth of Hermes Birkin bags, just days after taking nine of his Girl Collection women shoe shopping at a Gucci store in Los Angeles.

Speaking of Girl Collection, Floyd hinted that he wants to expand his strip club business to LA, but that might require cashing one of those massive fight checks that he’s currently sitting on.

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