I Came From The Bottom, & I Don’t Want To Go Back There – Olamide

I Came From The Bottom, & I Don’t Want To Go Back There – Olamide.

Arguably the biggest rapper to emanate from western Nigeria, Olamide oozes out a lot of inspiration for “boys in the hood”. He happens to be one of the most consistent Nigerian artistes out there, churning out albums regularly in the past five years.

Hardly anything is known or heard about Olamide’s love life except that he has a son. The “Pepper Dem” crooner gave a few inside on his “love life” and his motivation over the last couple of years.

Olamide had a rather hilarious thing to say about his love life.

“I’ve actually been in a relationship for about 17 years now. As a matter of fact, she’s the most important reason I am where I am today. Her name is music.”

When asked about his driving force, Baddoo didn’t hold back as he revealed what keeps him pushing and motivated.

“My major motivation comes from knowing that I came from the bottom, and I don’t want to go back there. I want to live a good life, and because of that, my working life is a relentless grind. I don’t want to go broke, and I don’t want anybody to look down on me. I’m still on top of my game because I don’t see myself as everything. I take advice from my mum, manager and label mates, and they always help. They’re responsible for some of my ideas. Some things that people see and think is all about Baddo is actually their brainwork.”

Speaking further, he said, “I didn’t start out to be an average artiste, I wanted to stand out. Right now, I’m living my dreams. All I can say is that my life right now is a dream come true.”

These are excerpts from Olamide’s chat with Punch newspaper Sunday Scoop.

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