Disappointed In 2face? Have You Wondered Where The Artiste Is?

Nigerians have been expressing their disappointments toward their music legend, Tuface Idibia for backing out from the February 6th National protest which he was championing just days ago.

To Nigerians, the artist simply led them on only to fall their hands at the last minute after some have already made plans and others have cleared their calendar for the 6th of February.

While we express our disappointments, we are overlooking more than what was in that video which was the abnormalities absent in his previous videos.

Looking at that video we would see that Tuface didn’t plan to release such video, hence his shabby look.

We would also notice that his signature glasses are not on his face, thereby revealing his puffy eyes… so there’s a possibility that Tuface has been crying, or tired … for what exactly is what we don’t know about yet.

Still looking at the video, we would see that the background is very different from the usual background the artist has been delivering his messages with, and if you are observant, you’ll know that only government parastatal comes with a consistent yellow/cream wall, but maybe that’s his house. .. but we doubt it.

So the questions we should be asking should be one out of concern for our artist who found it necessary to speak out when he feels the strong need to. We have to be sure that Tuface is okay and not locked up somewhere, considering he has been threatened by some Nigerians to put a stop to the peace protest.

This should be a question that should raises concern for Tuface’s well being not an opportunity to question his character, THAT is GiDiland.

Nigerians, let’s learn to save those who come OUT to speak for us, not throw them under the bus when the volume of their voice is reduced.

These are some of the several abnormalities in that video and we would love us to share this post until we are sure that Tuface is okay and where he’s supposed to be, with his family.

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