Why is Tecno Camon C8 a very good choice for all-cases usage?


Why is Tecno Camon C8 a very good choice for all-cases usage?
When choosing a smartphone, every user wants to get maximum for the lowest price. There is a device that can satisfy both requirements! Especially if you decided to buy Tecno Camon C8 on Jiji – you are the smart buyer! Why is it worth buying exactly this gadget? Read in this review!

Harmony of appearance and features
Tecno Camon C8 pleases eyes with its appearance. The talented industrial designers have created a unique diamond cut edges of the body with beautiful curves, made of aluminum unibody. The Tecno Camon C8 technical capabilities are no less attractive. In particular such features: it has battery with more than 3000 mAh capacity, a triple virtual antenna capable of receiving the signal in any position, easily connects to Wi-Fi networks. Excellent choice for high-quality images Tecno Camon C8 perfectly combines hardware and software, and has a unique dual-lens, allowing to obtain great pictures with this camera, you can make wonderful black-and-white and color photographs. To ensure that the quality of both is maximally high RGB- sensor was used.
An additional feature of Tecno Camon C8 is the ability to take sharp images even taking pictures in very fast motion. In addition, images taken by its 13 MP camera are perfectly amenable to subsequent processing. You can choose a variety of modes to obtain the highest quality images. The front-facing camera makes it possible to make selfie in low light conditions.
At the height of 5,5 inches, Tecno Camon C8 has the screen with a resolution of 4128 x 3096 pixels, which provides a good level of detailing of the image. And the ability to transfer 16 million colors making images incredibly vivid and juicy. Since the screen takes up most of the device – the image looks like a living one before your eyes.
Technical features
Thanks to a productive quad-core processor and 16 Gb of internal memory, Tecno Camon C8 provides comfortable working with multiple applications, uploading photos, chatting in socials, listening to stream music, playing games and much more.
The smartphone works with the operating system Android Lollipop easy upgradable to new version Android Marshmallow. Battery power will also not let you down: you will be able to communicate and engage in your favorite things for a long time – 3000 mAh capacity can provide days of work without charging. Now you can stay on-line for a longer time!


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