Update On Yaba Tech Hostel That Got Burnt

According to a source in Yaba Tech , it has been confirmed that the cause of the fire outbreak was due to wrong wiring connection of a generator . The generator has been faulty for a while and students have been complaining to the management but all to no avail. The wrong connection and faulty generator led to the electric spark which in turn led to fire outbreak . It was said that no water was available to quench the fire for about two hours until they got help from unilag and Lagos state fire fighters to quench the fire .

It was also confirmed that nobody died or got injured but half of the rooms lose their properties (a girl who just withdraw 150k to get her laptop lost it to the fire,a girl also lost three laptops to the fire and most of the girls loss their cloths,important documents,expensive new shoes and belongings to the fire).
It’s sad how girls was coming out from the hostel naked,half naked and some fainted due to the inhalation of the smoke.

After quenching the fire the management of yabatech has suspended all activities in school including the exam going on till next week Monday !

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