Bobrisky released from police station


Bobrisky is a popular Nigerian cross dresser hat has been rumoured to be gay. The bleaching cream expert is known as snapchat king for his many followers on the social media application. His videos and stories are viewed by thousands of Nigerians who suspect the overnight success might be gay.

A few hours ago, the cross dresser got himself arrested by the Nigerian policae after he was reported to have punched a lady at the saloon.

Apparently, the supposed fan was taking pictures and making a video of him while he was trying to get pretty for his snap chat fans. As if it were not enough violation of is privacy, reports claim the woman went on to call him names which then upset him and he landed her a huge blow on the face.

The police was called upon and he immediately got arrested and detained.

After he got released, he immediately resumed snap chatting, assuring his fans that it was a minor case and he is now free from police custody.


Bobrisky back on snapchat after release

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