Sean Tizzle Finally Opens Up On Why He Left D’tunes


If you’ve been following singer Sean Tizzle, then you must’ve noticed the former Difference Entertainment act doesn’t portray the label logo in any of his videos or even newly released singles.

In a recent chat with TheNETng, the ‘Sho-Le’ singer discussed the reason behind his leaving the label and former mentor/boss, D’tunes.

According to Tizzle, ‘Cause I’m trying to grow too!‘

He continued, ‘As long as I still have my relationship with the label, you don’t bite the finger that fed you and D’tunes will always be my brother.’


Speaking on his relationship with the producer, he said:-

‘I met D’tunes before the whole label thing started and this was between 2008/2009. I never knew he was gonna work something out like the record label and having to run it and signing me… So the friendship has been there.’

Sean Tizzle was signed to Difference Entertainment for three years, his contract ended with the label in February 2016 and he had one album with the label.

Source:- The Net

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