Skales: Will singer be third time lucky at love?



Raoul John Njeng-Njeng better known in the music lane as the pop star Skales isn’t one to hide who he is dating.

Many of his contemporaries prefer to date behind the scenes, opting for a low-key relationship than a relationship that is splattered all over the press. Skales is cut from a different cloth. Hiding his relationship from the press is not his style.

Skales' new girlfriend Skales’ new girlfriend

(Instagram )

On September 10, 2016, the Baseline Records act introduced his new woman to the world. He posted the photo of his new girlfriend Leyla Konjo on his Instagram and wrote: “just to clear the air this is the special one am with @leyla_konjo ….. #ajaga #nomorebs …

skales and girlfriend Sesay skales and girlfriend Sesay


Just three months ago, Skales was in a relationship with Sasay. As a matter of fact when he got into troubled waters with his record label Sasay defended him vigorously online. Also, when Skales had issues with Wizkid, Sasay stood by his side.

Well, that was three months ago and Skales has a new boo. His new Ethiopian babe Leyla Konjo is a manager at a club in Arlington, Texas called M&B Restaurant and Lounge according to the grapevine. Skales met her when he went to Texas for a show.

On July 30, 2016, Skales did actually perform at M&B for the Liberian Independence All White Party. Surely, this is where their paths must have crossed.

Skales, his mum and Leyla Skales, his mum and Leyla

(Instagram/youngskales )

Barely two months after, Skales is head over heels with his new bae. She is in the country right now with him and the ‘Shake Body‘ singer has even introduced her to his mother and Bishop Fred Addo who is based in Kaduna.

Leyla Konjo is smitten with the Nigerian pop star. On her private Instagram account, she calls herself Mrs Skales. It surely seems that Skales has found love this time around.

So what happened to his Sasay? Well, it’s obvious that within the last few months that they fell out. On Skales’ Instagram post where he introduced Leyla, there was a hashtag which said “#nomorebs” which can be translated to “no more bullsh*t.

Skales and girlfriend enjoying a dinner date play Skales and girlfriend enjoying a dinner date


Sasay (real name Sarah Osagie) is a Law undergraduate at the University of Igbinedion. While in some comment sections of some sites a few people might have some unsavoury things to say about her, the details of what led to her and Skales’ split is not known to the public.

Skales with his former girlfriend Kondja  

Skales with his former girlfriend Kondja

One thing is for sure, Sasay was Skales’ second girlfriend (well at least the second one he showed off.) His first girlfriend was Kondja Aveil who he started dating circa 2013. Their relationship would crash in ugly terms later that year.

Now with an Ethiopian woman, this is Skales’ third shot at love. Will he be third time lucky? We wait and see.

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