Queeneth Agbor Actress thinks sex before marriage is important for successful relationship


The actress said in an interview that Calabar women are best suited to give satisfaction to the partners, as opposed to snatching them

Cross River State born actress, Queeneth Agbor, has shared a comment stating her belief that sex before marriage is essential for the success of the union.

According to Agbor who spoke to Punch News in an interview, this can safeguard against promiscuity and mistrust, as it is all about getting the best out of the relationship.

Queeneth Agbor  Queeneth Agbor


“You have to know your package, I am not saying just go into it anyhow but just test it.”

“You need to know what you are going into, so you don’t start cheating on your spouse.”

“Most marriages that break up are solely because of this issue. So I think it is important for you to know what you are getting into.”

The actress, who is also a native of Calabar also disagreed with suggestions that women from her hometown are husband snatchers.

She however thinks they have all the right attributes needed to satisfy a man.

Queeneth Agbor The actress believes Calabar women are trained to give satisfaction to their partners.


“I don’t think we (Calabar girls) are husband snatchers, but we know how to keep a man to ourselves.”

“Some men don’t like food, so you might not be able to keep him through that, but men like it when a lady is clean and of course good in bed.”

“A  Calabar girl is a combination of all.”

Agbor is known for her participation in the movie, “Hooked”, which featured popular actor, Francis Duru.


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